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Jeff Beck

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CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach, 2010

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certified Coach

About Jeff

I came to Crossfit after having spent a better part of my life in a gym. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to weight training at a very young age. Most kids would go to daycare, I would go to the gym with my Dad. Then when I began playing Junior High School football, I was introduced to the Bigger, Faster, Stronger Program. I then was trained under a personal trainer through High School and College Football, along with a college strength and conditioning program. I saw results from these programs, but nothing like what I’ve experienced through Crossfit. I have made the comment so many times that I know everyone is tired of hearing it, “I wish I had Crossfit when I was playing Football.” Crossfit has become a major part of my life. I find myself everyday planning my day around my WOD. Not only do I plan my day around my WOD, but I have changed my entire life style to become the best Crossfit Athlete that I can be. The word athlete to me is something that is not easily earned in my opinion. It is a word to me that goes hand and hand with respect. After saying that, every practitioner of Crossfit OIB is an ATHLETE. I love going into the box and watching everyone warming up; to me, that is pregame. Then the music goes UP, the clock counts down, and its GAME TIME. It’s a feeling that I enjoyed feeling for the majority of my life. It was not a feeling that is easily replaced. There are not many things that give you that feeling, but Crossfit OIB, put that back in my life. Many times while warming up in the box, I think of one of my College coaches walking down the rows of players stretching saying, “every night is a Friday night, and everyday is a holiday.” That’s how I feel about Crossfit, it is truly my favorite time of day. As I stated before Crossfit is a major part of my life, and it is also a major part of my family’s life. I enjoy working out with my family and all my friends. Crossfit OIB has become a second home to us. Camdyn asks daily, are we going to Crossfit today? It makes me happy to hear that. She is learning at a very early age how to live a healthy lifestyle. She is also in an atmosphere of people who are excellent Athletes and role models for her to look up to.

I just recently took my Crossfit experience to another level. I was asked by Coach Karen to attend a Level 1 Cert. What a great experience that was! I was able to spend a weekend with my Crossfit Family and meet fellow Crossfitters from all over the country. Receiving my Level 1 Cert was a huge accomplishment to me. It ranks way up there with other awards and certs I have received in my career. I am passionate about CrossFit and I invest my time in educating myself on CrossFit in an attempt to better myself, and better every athlete that I have the opportunity to coach.