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Ralph Lentini

CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, 2011

Certified Spinning Instructor, Mad Dogg Athletics

After my competitive sports days ended in my early 20’s, I continued staying in shape by working out 4 to 5 days a week. Without fail, in ALL those years, there had not been ONE week I did not work out at a minimum of 4 days. Even on vacations, I would seek out the local gym or run a few miles. Never did I miss a week of work-outs. As the years continued, the workouts got extremely boring but I still went day after day. Week after week. I started putting on pounds even with all the workouts. I just chalked it up to getting older. After all, I did all the stationary bikes, all the elliptical machines, was bench pressing some fairly impressive loads, and any other apparatus the local “globo gym” had to offer. But the pounds kept slowing adding on. I was stagnant in my workouts and figured it is what it is.

When I first joined CFOIB in September of 09, I was laboring under the misconception that I was in shape. WOW, was I in for a shock. Crossfit has re-instilled the competitive “fire” that was laying dormant for all these years. My over-all health has improved to where I have gone from 5 medications down to only 1, which will be eliminated shortly. I’ve also lost a total of 25 pounds and have never felt better. Even my physician of six years can attest to the benefits after seeing the change in my health since joining Crossfit. It was totally amazing to me how one 15 minute WOD could bring me to my knees, and then bounce back ready for more the following day. There is a saying we use here, and it is “TRAIN FOR LIFE” which means to me, not only our life in the now, but for health and well being in the years to come. I strongly believe that now, after all my years of day after day, week after week of boring and stagnant work-outs, I am truly at the place I need and want to be. I will continue to “TRAIN FOR LIFE” for many years to come.