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Fenway Love

fenwayWait?! You don’t know Fenway? You’re kidding, right? A​nyb​ody who’s a​nyb​ody knows Fenway. Every summer, visitors stun us with their lack of knowledge about the most important woman in the gym. Here are a few of your questions answered. Is she your mascot? Um, no. And that’s the kind of talk that makes her cry herself to sleep at night (that, and thunderstorms). Is she a coach? Duh. She’s the best coach. And when she’s not coaching, she likes to sit on the couch or nap under Coach Karen’s desk. What else does she do at CFOIB? What doesn’t she do? She gives hugs. She motivates EVERYONE, especially babies in strollers with snacks. She models (see our line of #fenwaylove apparel). She naps. She eats treats. Fact: She’s the Grand Marshal of the Shallotte Christmas Parade (whether or not the town realizes it). In the summer, she eats puppy ice cream and then she naps. What is her schedule? #alldayeveryday What breed is she she? One hundred pounds of pure love (English Labrador). She was rescued by her mama from a no­kill shelter in Killeen Texas in 2006. How long has she been working at CFOIB? Since. Day. One. She’s come to work with her mama every day since opening day, July 4, 2009. She has lost count of the number of time she has been named Employee of the Month. Has she won any awards? Employee of the Month, every month. World’s Best Gym Dog, every year. What are her biggest fears? Men in hats. Men wearing sunglasses. Men standing in doorways, doorways, ceiling fans, vacuums, brooms, mops, blow dryers, thunder, lightning, thunder and lightning, having her ears cleaned. Fog horns, car alarms, slamming doors. She definitely doesn’t like it when you don’t put clips on your barbells.
Any pet peeves? Puns. Also, she doesn’t like when you ask how old she is and then talk about how old your dog was when he/she died. In fact, if she could talk, she’d ask how old your grandmother is and then tell you how old her was when she died (if she knew). What is she most proud of? Her smile. Her mama’s unconditional love. Her way with babies. How can I show her I care? Pet her. Rub her. Hug her. Put clips on your bar. Don’t drop the bar. Post a photo of yourself in your #fenwaylove apparel and tag us @crossfitoib. We will make sure she sees it!

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