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CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach Kids Summer Camp

CrossFit OIB Kids Summer Camp is specifically designed for children ages 6-12. While including scaled down versions of adult skill training and workouts, CrossFit Kids Camp also focuses on FUN, to get kids excited about exercising.

CrossFit Ocean Isle Beach Kids

Ages 5-12

Our CFOIB Kids Camp is for the younger athlete! Our aim is to make exercise fun and to teach your young athlete to safely move and to prepare them for the rest of their lives.  Our CrossFit Kids Coach will supervise and run your child through a short workout.  Classes are set up to include a warmup, learn a new skill, and play a game using the skills they have learned.  This makes learning and exercise fun!  Our Kids Camp is CrossFit specifically designed for children age 6-12. This class teaches not only basic physical skills, but also social skills and confidence. Children learn foundation movements like the squat, push ups, pull ups, climbing, jumping, and elementary gymnastic movements. Kids puts a strong emphasis on fun to get kids excited about exercising.  More importantly though, you will see your child also learn to follow directions, listen, communicate, and play with others. Every class includes game play and positive reinforcement. Your child’s confidence, both physically and mentally, will grow with each class.

How can Kids benefit my child?

CFOIB Kids Camp can help enhances a child’s motor skills by teaching new & better movement and cognitive skills through engaging children to think about their movement, count their reps, remember the sequences, and work towards goals.  Kids augments a child’s involvement in sports by incorporating strength training and conditioning to make our CrossFit athletes better athletes at any sport.


Our coaches are passionate about providing the best service for all participants and in doing so we adhere to the following principles for your CFOIB Kid:



Our Expectations Include:

  • RESPECT for the coaches and all other participants. This includes respecting the training space and all the equipment; and
  • COMMITMENT to training and improvement. At CrossFit OIB we are not concerned with your starting level of fitness or strength, we care about commitment and dedication to improving those levels. DO WORK!