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Our Mission

It’s simple: Crossfit Ocean Isle Beach is home. My home, our athletes home and our vacationer home away from home.

Like any good family, we at CFOIB set you up to l​ive your best life ​and support you along your journey. We are a gym filled with young and old, novice and veteran, students and professionals. We applaud you when you succeed, encourage you when you doubt, and motivate you when you struggle. We are a close­knit group but never exclusive. We are a team made up of all kinds of players and personalities. We are your friends and your family.

Perhaps the most significant way we support our community is through our unique style of coaching. We believe that everyone can and should pursue health and fitness. We pride ourselves on being a gym for the i​ndividual not for the masses; thus, our program is not one­size­fits­all. We believe in tailoring our program for the individual client in order to achieve desirable levels of health & performance. Whatever your background or current fitness level­­ college athlete? retired couch potato? somewhere in­ between? Once you step into the CrossFit OIB gym, everybody is considered an athlete. Not one client will receive preferential attention over another from our coaching staff. Whether you are the fastest or the least graceful, you will be treated with respect at CFOIB. Whatever your needs are, we are here to meet them through group, private and nutrition coaching.

Behind our coaching is our steadfast belief that the purpose of our training is to provide the greatest, healthiest, and most efficient results possible. To accomplish this, we draw from multiple training philosophies, incorporating the best of each to deliver a one­of­a­kind fitness experience. Our training provides much more than speed, endurance, strength, muscle growth, and fat loss. We are more than just cool equipment and a workout. The training always promises to be challenging, unique, and creative in ways that keep you engaged and excited.

If you share our family values of camaraderie, respect, commitment, and fitness, and want a gym where you can have faith in its ownership, come home to CFOIB.