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Our Team

The coaching team at CFOIB is led bya aCrossFit Level 2 trainer. Our team has a combined 40+ years of CrossFit training experience and over 30+ continuing education certifications. We are professional, certified coaches who have experience helping everyday people reach elite levels of fitness through proper progression, effective programming, nutrition, and motivation. Unlike the traditional gym setting, we will not just hire any “kid” off the street. In fact, before becoming a coach at CFOIB, the individual must complete a minimum of 6 months training as a CrossFit Athlete and attend CrossFit Level 1 Certification before he/she is selected for our extensive internship process. We believe that coaching is so much more than holding a stopwatch and yelling “move faster.” You cannot gain experience from an online personal training certification alone. You gain experience by doing, practicing, observing, and being evaluated. We are known throughout the Carolinas for our remarkably high standards for coaching performance.

Head Coach

Karen Jones, Manager


Rebecca Allen


Substitute Coaches & Interns:

Spinning Instructors: