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Visiting CrossFitters 

Visiting CrossFitters are welcome to join any of our group coaching CrossFit classes. Or if you choose to follow your own programming you may do so during any of our designated OPEN GYM times.

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Due to the high volume of visitors during the summer season we strongly encourage you to purchase your $20 daily visitor pass ($25 if not done online prior to class) or $50 weekly visitor pass ($60 if not done online prior to class). However, IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND A 6 AM CLASS YOU MUST PURCHASE YOUR DROP IN PASSES ONLINE.For all other drop in times, we do accept cash, check, or credit card in person — but checking in online will speed up your check-in process, save you money and lend to a better experience for you! *As always Affiliate Owners visit free.*

As a courtesy, we ask you to shoot us a quick email letting us know what class time(s) you plan to attend so that we can notify the coaches to expect a visitor. *Please pay particular attention to our group coaching class descriptions as we offer more than one “CrossFit program”. kjones@crossfitoceanislebeach.com.

All first time visitors: please arrive an additional 15 – 20 minutes prior on your first visit to fill out a waiver, purchase your passes if you haven’t already done so online and get accustomed to our box. There is a pre-warmup written on the whiteboard to be completed on your own, and right at the start of class you will receive instruction on the group warm-up and workout of the day from your Coach.

To let us know of your upcoming visit click here.

Purchase your day or week pass and sign our waiver online here. 

We always have t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats available for sale in our pro-shop! **While we are confident that your affiliate’s t-shirts are wicked cool, due to the high volume of visiting CrossFitters each year, we cannot accommodate t-shirt exchanges.**


Drop-In Registration

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Not a CrossFitter?

Try one of our BOOTCAMP or SPINNING classes!

Personal Training is also available by appointment if you would like to give CrossFit a try!

Or  you are welcome to use our 6200 sq ft facility & equipment during any of our designated open gym times but you are not permitted to join our classes unless you have prior training in the CrossFit principles. Our equipment includes but is not limited to rowers, GHDs, kettlebells, dumbbells, Olympic barbells, bumper plates, pullup & dip bars, gymnastic rings, and squat racks.

 Visitor’s Reviews

Crossfit Ocean Isle Beach is the real deal. Fantastic facility, great coaches, and a great atmosphere to train in. I did not have the pleasure of meeting Karen Candia, the owner of Crossfit Ocean Isle Beach, during my time there but I did not need to meet Karen to see what an exceptional leader she is. It is obvious Karen has worked very hard to get Crossfit Ocean Isle Beach to where it is and it is also obvious she takes great pride in helping people better their lives through proper exercise and nutrition. I very much look forward to my next trip to the area and just may plan a trip with the sole purpose being to get another opportunity to train at Crossfit OIB. Great work Karen and all the other coaches. -Tom (www.thecrossfitbox.com)

My husband and I were on vacation and needed a place to complete the Crossfit open workout. Karen and the other coaches were very accommodating, and they let us work out with their team. The atmosphere was encouraging yet competitive, and I feel like my performance improved because of it. Everyone was very friendly, and it was fun to see all the different levels of crossfitters supporting each other. If I’m ever back in Ocean Isle Beach, I will go out of my way to work out with them again. Thanks! -Denise (Colorado)

Stopped by while out in NC working for 2 weeks, the box was great, and I highly recommend them. The owner, Karen Candia, and all of the coaches were awesome, and very helpful/knowledgeable. This was a great place to go after work, and the members were all very friendly. If I go back to the area, I will defiantly stop by here again. – Brian (Dallas,Tx)

My husband and I were down at CFOIB all week last week for vacation and loved working out at your box! Cannot say enough good things about CFOIB! Everyone was so helpful and motivating, and extremely professional. Can’t wait to come back next summer (or sooner just to get a WOD in at your awesome box!) Amy, Ralph and Ricky were my coaches and I learned something new that helped me in each class. -Kate & Rick (Northern Virginia)

WODs at your gym are great. I really like how organized you are with keeping everyone on top of their journal. It’s obvious you are programming and coaching with very distinct goals. Often times I feel like people just show up and do WODs just to do them, with no end in sight or no carrot to reach for. I didn’t feel that way at your place, the programming was obviously very calculated and best of all it was challenging. -Aaron W

Sue and I enjoyed our visits to your Box on 2, 5, and 6 Jul. On the technical side, your website and facility is outstanding. On the people side, you were very gracious and accommodating, and your instructors were equally proficient in their skills, attitude, and demeanor. We will definitely be back the next time we’re in OIB (likely next Summer). Thanks for such a positive experience, and yes, we did pet all the dogs! -Mike (Dothan, Alabama)