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Our Results

Sarah Holt

“At my wedding everyone asked how I had lost so much weight and got in shape. My friends and in laws were commenting on my muscles and how great I  looked and I owed it all to crossfit OIB, my coaches, and my friends I wod with. It wasn’t about loosing weight for my wedding so I  could fit into my dress, although that was a perk, I wanted to start my new life and new year healthy, confident and happy with the way I felt mentally and physically.” Read more about Sarah + Photos.

Laura Chaney

“I love the spirit of the folks encouraging one another, genuinely excited at someone else’s achievements.  Thanks for a heck of a year! Now, 25# gone and 4-5 dress sizes down.  They say that each 10# represents a dress size, so it’s like dropping 40-50# in appearance, but the added strength and muscle (but NOT bulk) affects the scale….So take the scale with a grain of salt, do the work and the results will come.” Read more about Laura

Athlete: Beth C.


There is no other way to say it: CrossFit has changed my life.  I never imagined that I would look forward to working out, and I’m doing things I would have NEVER believed I could do.  Run one mile?  This time last year, I would have laughed at the suggestion. Karen and company have helped me lose 35 pounds, eat healthy, and feel better than I ever have in my entire life.  My only regret with CrossFit is that I didn’t join sooner! Read Beth’s Full Story Here.

Athlete: Allie G.


My second month on the job [as a Sunset Beach Police Officer] I found myself in a scuffle with an individual on a traffic stop.  It was a minor incident but it was enough for me to say “enough is enough”.  I realized that if things were just a little bit different that night, I would not have come home.  My family would have been standing over my grave.  That is a sobering realization.  It took my life being threatened to snap me back to reality.  I realized then that I was badly out of shape and fat.  Let’s not sugar coat it anymore.  I said to myself, “Allie you are fat and out of shape, you should be ashamed of what you have become.  You better do something about it now”.  So I did . . . . The first month of trying CrossFit on my own I lost 20 pounds. I could not believe it.  Read Allie’s Full Story Here.

Athlete: Mike K.

The [CrossFit OIB]  difference was the help and encouragement I received from the coaches and other athletes. That is the secret and Karen knows and loves what she does. I trusted her and her coaches to scale my workouts but still challenge me personally.  It seems to have worked because since starting in October I have lost 27 lbs and my Triglycerides have gone from 184 in May to 84 in December. Total cholesterol from 196 to 139. Some of this does come from eating less breads, french fries , and other foods, but the training is the biggest reason. I appreciate all the coaches help and I look forward making even better improvements to my health in the future.  Read Mike’s Full Story Here. 

Athlete: Adrienne W


I [had] lost 39 pounds and gone from 35% body fat to just less than 17%. I’ve gone from a size 12 to size 2. I’d be embarrassed to tell the “before” if I didn’t have such a great “after”. These changes have all been since I started working out at Crossfit nine months ago. Read Adrienne’s Full Story Here.